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What is WC Impressions?


“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something” – Frank Capra

WC Impressions, a division of Eriksen Services, is a full service production company based in Elizabethtown Kentucky. With advances in digital impressions, WC Impressions jumped on board with the acquisition of a RED Scarlet and a RED Epic. In the continually evolving world of media, we are able to offer all aspects of production to meet your needs. We have the capability to structure our services around your budget and have extensive packages available for you to choose from to make you creative endeavor a reality.

We also offer marketing, publishing and promotional packages to help your project go from inkling to a tangible absolute. With a deep appreciation for the story behind your concept, we have zero issues on presenting your tale with a passion that is rare in the industry.  So follow your hunch, embrace your creativity and contact us to open doors that you never would have thought possible. 276995 137964452965686_922496277_n

How to make a Digital Impression, William C. Eriksen Style!!!

This past weekend, William C. Eriksen, in conjunction with his film company, WC Impressions, hit the open road and a raging river to begin their first digital shoot!

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The RED cameras were lovingly broken in and Black Bart, the Baja Bandit, hit the water!

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Since the final product of the shoot is top secret for now, we can't reveal too much, however, we can share some pictures!! 

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William C. Eriksen Tackles RED School!!


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With the addition of RED cameras to the arsenal of media equipment here at Eriksen Services,

William C. Eriksen boarded a plane and headed out to sunny California to attend RED School in February of 2012! 

The RED Digital Camera Company manufactures digital cinematography cameras and accessories.

The RED Digital Camera Company currently produces three cameras: Red One, Epic and Scarlet.

WC Impressions, a subsidiary of Eriksen Services, currently owns an EPIC named "STUDLY" and a SCARLET named "SEXY" 

Need a Hit?? WC Impressions, founded by William C. Eriksen, has REDs and will Shoot!!! 

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